Hello all.

I must start this post by saying that Justin Timberlake's new CD is out-fucking-rageous. Buy it!!. 

I have a confession to make. I love white men. I am addicted. Addicted. I need therapy.  I spent most of today orgasaming (lmao, what?) over Justin Timberlake and Channing Tatum. 

Are you serious? Is he even human? I doubt it. He the perfect specimen of a man. Good lord. WHEW!! It is suddenly really hot in here.  Like, white hot...get it??? White...ok, yeah.

Those two vanilla men are sure to give me sweet dreams tonight. Whew. I need a cigarette.

A tout a l'heure.

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Hello all.

Hope that everyone enjoyed the pleasant weather, as I know my left breast and I both got our fair share of fresh air.

Have you ever been around someone so fucking annoying that you would do anything to make them shut up? And yes, I do mean anything. Sell a vital organ, eat head cheese, I'm talking nothing short of bestiality, all for some fucking quiet.

There are these two, dare I call them, women, with whom I live. Their laughs alone make me contemplate suicide. Seriously. They have these deep throated, grossly fake laughs. It kind of resembles what a gargling hyena would sound like. Their laughs fucking have vibrato. Vibrato. They vibrate. And I hate it.

Arg!! There it goes! That God awful noise is more than enough to make a deaf person jump out of the window that is directly in front of me.

I'm not crazy, but their laughs are. Nightmarish, I tell you.

A tout a l'heure.


1st entry of my new journal!!!

Hello all. Well, really just me for now, but whatevs.

Im really happy that I've decided to start a new journal, as I hadn't used my previous one in nearly two years. I figured, new chapter of my lj :D.

Well, I have officailly been a college student for one week now (yay me) and I have definitely learned some very valuable information. Very valuable. None of it pertaining to school, of course, but important, none the less.

1. If you are truly interested in someone, NEVER, under any circumstance sleep with them on the first date. There won't be a second one. I promise you.

2. However, if you really don't have any sort of feelings for someone, other than the tingling in your pants, by all means, go for it.

3. Whoever says that you need 8 hours of sleep everynight is a lying piece of shit. 3 hours should suffice for most relatively healthy people.

4. A diet of twizzlers, vitamin water and cheez its is a BAD combo. Can we say gastrointestinal difficulties? I hardly can, but you get the idea.

And lastly...

5. It's only stealing/cheating/killing if you get caught :D.

A tout a l'heure.